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By Joel S. Kahn, Josep R. Llobera

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S In this case, the organisation and reproduction of aland surface appears to determine domestic production (the immediate realisation of agriculturallabour in the process ofproduction). However, we should make it clear that the foregoing remarks do not predict the way in wh ich these determinations by production operate. In particular, they do not mean that ecological or technological 'constraints' determine social production. For instance, I have shown that specialisation in pastoralism in certain East African societies cannot be explained by ecological and technological differences between these societies and neighbouring agro-pastoralist societies (Bonte, 1974, 1978a).

This ritual practice results in the destruction of the bases of domestic production and accumulation by creating solidarity and reciprocity among the members of the age-set. Here, cattle as an ideological category in the context of ritual enables the reproduction of the structural equivalence ofthe units of domestic production. This sort ofanalysis opens a new fleld in the study ofideology. A number of questions can be raised: what is the relationship between this ideology and ideologies associated with disguising economic or other sorts of social relations?

The specifIc form of determination constantly obscures the general form of determination. This is true ofthe capitalist mode ofproduction despite the fact that in this mode there is a speciflcally economic sphere, composed of exclusively economic social relations, due to the generalisation of the laws of the market to the category of labour. The general determination of labour is far from clear under the capitalist system for, as Marx notes, it is concealed by the fact that only labour which produces surplus value is productive.

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