Dictionary of Australian and New Guinean Mammals by Ronald Strahan PDF

By Ronald Strahan

ISBN-10: 064309167X

ISBN-13: 9780643091672

Dictionary of Australian and New Guinean Mammals is the 1st unified advisor to the mammals of either Australia and New Guinea. according to Ronald Strahan s first dictionary of Australian mammals, released in 1981, it comprises all species, either local and brought. for every species and genus, it offers a transparent advisor to pronunciation, the derivation and importance of the part components of the identify, and the quotation that identifies its earliest legitimate description.

This specific paintings comprises biographical notes on fifty-one zoologists who, over the last 3 centuries, have named Australian and New Guinean mammals.

The ebook additionally contains an account of the foundations and practices of zoological nomenclature, including a finished bibliography and an index of universal names. Dictionary of Australian and New Guinean Mammals is a useful reference for mammal researchers and scholars, in addition to someone drawn to average historical past.

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Gould, The Mammals of Australia, part. 6, pl. 15, 1854. Hipposideros corynophyllus (kor-in-oh-fil′-us) Gr. koryne, club; phyllon, leaf. Refers to club-shaped projections on noseleaf. TELEFOMIN LEAF-NOSED BAT, also known as Telefomin Horseshoe-bat. Hill, Mammalia, 49, 525, 1985. 40 Hipposideros diadema (die-ah-dem′-ah) Gr. diadema, headband. Refers to the upper section of the nose-leaf, which has a supposed resemblance to a diadem or coronet. DIADEM LEAF-NOSED BAT, also known as Diadem Horseshoe-bat.

Voyage autour de monde … 1, 64, 1824. Bettongia penicillata (pen-iss-il-ah′-tah) L. penicillus, brush, refering to the hairy tip of the tail. BRUSH-TAILED BETTONG, also known as Brush-tailed Rat-kangaroo, Woylie. Gray, as for genus. Bettongia tropica (trop′-ik-ah) Gr. tropikos, tropical. NORTHERN BETTONG Wakefield, Vict. , 84, 15, 1967. ■ Bos (boss) L. bos, ox. Linnaeus, Syst. , 1, 171, 1758. Bos bubalis (bue-bah′-lis) Gr. boubalos, buffalo, gazelle. WATER BUFFALO, SWAMP BUFFALO Linnaeus, Syst.

Philom. Paris, 93, 254, 1804. Hydromys chrysogaster (kris-oh-gah′-ster) Gr. chrysos, golden; gaster, belly, stomach. Refers to the yellow-brown undersurface of a specimen collected from Bruny Island, south of Hobart in 1802. There is considerable variation in the ventral colour of this widespread species. WATER-RAT Geoffroy, as for genus. Hydromys hussoni (hoos′-on-ee) After A M Husson, authority on New Guinean mammals and former Curator of Mammals in the Leyden Museum of Natural History. WESTERN WATER-RAT Musser & Piik, Zool.

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