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Dämonisch nenne ich die ursprünglich und wesenhaft jedem Menschen eingeborene Unruhe, die ihn aus sich selbst heraus, über sich selbst hinaus ins Unendliche, ins Elementarische treibt, gleichsam als hätte die Natur von ihrem einstigen Chaos ein unveräußerliches unruhiges Teil in jeder einzelnen Seele zurückgelassen, das mit Spannung und Leidenschaft zurück will in das übermenschliche, übersinnliche Element.
Stefan Zweig

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As general form”? When analyzing the double life of the commodity in Capital, Marx qualifies such a materiality in no unclear terms: Not an atom of matter enters into the objectivity of commodities as values; in this it is the direct opposite of the coarsely sensuous objectivity of commodities as physical objects. 41 Value does not have “an atom of matter” in the specific sense that it constitutes “the direct opposite” of matter. In this stunning turn of phrase, Marx identifies the difference between precapitalist antiquity and capitalist modernity.

In what sense, then, is surplus value “in excess” with respect to value? )58 In order to answer the question of the relation between value and surplus value, it is important to note first of all that for Marx the relation between surplus value as such and its particular forms is the same type of relation that binds value as such to its particular forms. 59 Surplus value is found here to constitute at once the presupposition and the result of one of its particular forms, namely, profit. And again: If capital increases from 100 to 1,000, then 1,000 is now the point of departure, from which the increase has to begin; the tenfold multiplication, by 1,000%, counts for nothing; profit and interest themselves become capital in turn.

In this sense, I don’t think my Bildung was very original. Anybody who had an alert, lively mind at the time basically had this same formation. And after that I read Freud, even though I must add that psychoanalysis has remained always foreign to me—and I don’t know whether this is a 44 • A CLASS-STRUGGLE PROPAEDEUTICS, 1950s–1970s limit or an advantage. In the meanwhile, throughout this period I was strangely also involved in the analysis of language. This is the time when neo-empiricist currents of thought are being introduced in Italy: they were fundamentally linked to pragmatism, which I continue to be quite fond of in some ways, having read in those days much John Dewey, William James, and Charles Peirce.

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