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Being should be hell-especially when you are pals with an individual who was once born there. Kenzie Sutcliffe awakened to a different general morning-until a demon popped up in her bathe. whereas attempting to cast off a monster zit, she dropped her zits lotion within the bathtub. And while fifty greenbacks' worthy of it swirled down the drain, it freed a demon from his criminal portal. A mysteriously geeky-looking demon. So now Kenzie is saddled with a creature who seems to be and acts like several different man she knows-that is, tense. not less than Levi has a job-if you could name it that. He has to fan the flames of envy and jealousy in people, or he starves. All he is tempting Kenzie to do is to move slowly again into her bed room and conceal there ceaselessly. simply because not anyone goes to be coveting her existence after this.

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They were sharp, relieved, and he ran a thumb over his bottom lip, like he’d just taken a nice long drink. Which maybe he had. Yikes. As I stood there, stunned, his shoulders straightened, his 45 ERIN LYNN skin filled with color, and a cocky grin crossed his face. “Thanks,” he said. “Oh, oh, oh . ” I took a step back, stomach tight. I knew that he had been starving, and without meaning to I had just taken the edge off of that hunger. That wasn’t a bad thing in theory, but . . “That was wrong. ” “Oh, come on.

Once I waded through the maze of cast-off pajamas and abandoned towels on the floor, I managed a quick shower, with a whole crowd of naked Barbies and Disney princesses. Hopefully they were all Zoe’s, or my brother was a freak. I realized I’d forgotten my razor, but I was going to have to pretend my legs and armpits weren’t hairy just for one day. Since it was October, I figured I’d just cover everything up and stress about it later. When I got downstairs, after doing a lame blow-dry job, hair frizzy at the ends, I found Levi and Zoe all cozy in the family room playing Go Fish.

Though scary. That’s what riding on Levi’s back was like—the thrill of the speed countered with the total fear of seeing trees go by in a blink. The cool wind was stinging my eyes and making my nose run, and I clung to Levi like a baby monkey, afraid I’d be flung to the ground in a painful sprawl if I loosened my hold. The twentyminute walk was sliced to about two mind-boggling minutes where I gripped his shoulders, stared straight ahead in wonder, and kept my mouth closed so nothing alive would fly into it.

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