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4 Electrostatic surface potential of the nucleosome core particle. The electrostatic potential of the nucleosome core particle ranges from +20 (blue) to −20 (red). ) (a) Side view of the nucleosome core particle. The amino acids lysine and arginine are positively charged by virtue of having side chains with amino groups that either can be easily ionized (the lysine -amino) or are already charged (the arginine guanido group), and the positively charged regions responsible for DNA binding are highly enriched in these amino acids.

Z is known to localize preferentially to the promoter regions of actively transcribed genes. 7). This region is usually found about 200 bp upstream of the first codon of the coding sequence and generally includes the transcription start site. 8 Extensive H3K36 methylation marks the coding sequences of many genes. Z deposition site, which may contribute to the disruption of nucleosome structure ahead of the advancing DNA polymerase complex. [Adapted from Lieb JD & Clarke ND (2005) Cell 123, 1187.

It is clear only that there is a fundamental requirement for a mechanism to compact the chromatin further, because even the 30 nm fiber stage is not sufficient to package the entire DNA macromolecule into a cell’s nucleus. Chromatin fibers are further organized into euchromatin and heterochromatin Whatever the mechanism that packages DNA into the nucleus, it is one that must be able to generate different types of chromatin compaction in distinct regions of the chromosome, because variations in chromosome packaging also differentiate regions of transcriptional activity from regions that are transcriptionally silent.

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