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ISBN-13: 9781552382264

In his newest paintings, Charles Noble extra reins within the already tight haiku in basic terms to let out, a 'logopoeic' poetry. Poems of 'splendid rigour' or riddles of wit which are solved through 'lifetime' insights - a dialectical poetry that also observes a phenomenological toehold yet transcends the bounds of locality in recognising the curled-up-but-everywhere global of media & markets - a l. a. Frederic Jameson. And but, those 'haikus' pass immediately - to 'the surprise of the naive'. They flip to a center flooring, in Aristotle's feel of inauspicious goal. They aspect to human acts, human reactions, & enact, themselves, a meta-linguistic wrestling, at one with the quarrelling couple within the bar striking on each one other's phrases & insistent with 'what do you suggest through [a uncomplicated word]?' yet also they are implicated in what he calls the demise force (not demise wish), which arcs freely over a human lifestyles span - imagine structure - & which, extra considerably, within the 'pleated/ crossword', 'make[s]/ reliable/ a/ bit/ of/ undesirable/ infinity' (p. 57), no expenditures, aside from that toehold, earth, as he may have it.

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He withdraws to doodle spirals into heat he’d never feel his own doing it vital signs didn’t dare phone her but did then beyond premeditation skilled her 38 talking to oneself as overheard bespeaks having been loved to bits those shoulders don’t fit those hips those things wow these funny Rome takes all roads 39 playmates on reality TV just girls no power but stripped of it object of your desire falls apart then on the ear a hank of hair “she’s letting you know it will just be platonic” what goes up comes down 40 she had a cap pulled down cockeyed fellas fell over themselves to see I saw her beauty so tell on her like rotten I were selling fruit a lovely woman I said it takes notone to know one she rejoined 41 couldn’t put your finger on it love when you could you lost your finger take simple breasts they move you and bearers back removed to prime the pump I like himself deflated her whats to her a rock squeezed into shape what’s what she’s wise to her not knowing 42 to which she sticks all puffed good points public couples you their ceiling and on the wall twoway Spanish fly turns on the radio when it’s already on story of his wife 43 we are intimate intimating the signs the gossiped have died for not knowing he was with her I opened up on her killed his fishing cruelty kind of when you bring up a friend’s failed tryst but up case not love flipped into hate but love not dared dammed at dawn hanging to the kind back light 44 you’re jealous right off cuz she knows you in the world not as its mouth piece you’re jealous in good time cuz all you make new her field finds a place for 45 heft your road around bulldozer detractor terrains arouse your seed her her and her you love in an instant many worlds theory like a dog barking in the street he didn’t know which fast femme to chase one god 46 receptors ape women’s hips brain synchs so so do your hopes swing higher?

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