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Dieses "Märchen" und die anderen hier gesammelten Vorträge richten sich bewußt an ein breites Publikum im Umkreis des "Elfenbeinernen Turmes": Studierende, Dozenten, Physiker, Mathematiker, Wissenschaftshistoriker, aber auch Bildungspolitiker. Personifiziert durch große Gestalten, wie Faraday, Gauss, Boltzmann, Planck und Einstein, werden entscheidende Einflüsse in der Geschichte und Gegenwart der modernen Naturwissenschaft dargestellt. Mit historischen, kulturellen und ethischen Aspekten seiner Wissenschaft hat sich der theoretische Physiker Res Jost (1918-1990) in den letzten zwei Jahrzehnten seines Wirkens an der ETH Zürich ebenso intensiv auseinandergesetzt wie vorher etwa mit den mathematischen Grundlagen der Quantenfeldtheorie.

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Is the angle between the out-going particle and the incoming quark in the centreof-mass frame. 9 shows that it will be possible to rule out scalar leptons at a confidence level of better than 90% up to a mass of 580 GeV. The angular distribution does not change significantly over the mass range of this plot—the decreasing probability of ruling out the scalar hypothesis as the mass increases is mainly because of the decreasing statistics. An alternative approach to ruling out the scalar hypothesis is to try to measure the forward-backward asymmetry of the lepton pair.

10) It is also necessary to check for occasions when the lepton hits the end-cap of the detector by considering the magnitude of pT /pz . The muon system is modelled approximately as a cylinder of radius 10 m and with a half-length of 20 m [68]. 7 was applied to take account of the region close to the beam where particles cannot be detected. 10), the time delay and measured momentum for any particle detected in the muon system can be used to calculate its mass. 7 ns [68] rather than 1 ns was used) and a cut on the smeared time delay was applied such that 10 ns < ∆t < 50 ns.

These are clearly the most constraining of the bounds on the fundamental scale although they are subject to various cosmological uncertainties. Even so, n = 2 almost certainly seems to be ruled out and n = 3 is disfavoured. 1 Introduction We have already seen in Chapter 1 that supersymmetry is a popular theory for new physics beyond the Standard Model. It is seen as theoretically attractive, solves the hierarchy problem and improves the unification of the three gauge couplings at high energy scales.

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