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By Greg Bear

ISBN-10: 0345464915

ISBN-13: 9780345464910

Greg Bear’s Nebula Award–winning novel, Darwin’s Radio, painted a chilling portrait of humankind at the threshold of an intensive jump in evolution—one that will modify our species endlessly. Now endure keeps his provocative story of the human race faced by way of an doubtful destiny, the place “survival of the fittest” takes on dazzling and arguable new dimensions.


Eleven years have handed given that SHEVA, an old retrovirus, used to be found in human DNA—a retrovirus that brought on mutations within the human genome and heralded the coming of a brand new wave of genetically more advantageous people. Now those replaced childrens have reached early life . . . and face a global that's outraged approximately their very lifestyles. For those precise youths, possessed of exceptional, complicated qualities that mark an immense turning aspect in human improvement, also are ticking time bombs harboring hosts of viruses which can exterminate the “old” human race.

Fear and hatred of the virus teenagers have made them a persecuted underclass, quarantined through the govt. in specific “schools,” special through federally sanctioned bounty hunters, and demonized by means of hysterical segments of the inhabitants. yet wallet of resistance have sprung up between these against treating the youngsters like harmful diseases—and who worry the worst if the government’s draconian measures are carried to their extreme.

Scientists Kaye Lang and Mitch Rafelson are a part of this small yet made up our minds minority. as soon as on the leading edge of the invention and examine of the SHEVA outbreak, they now stay as digital exiles within the Virginia suburbs with their daughter, Stella—a vivid, inquisitive virus baby who's speedy maturing, straining to damage freed from the protecting international her mom and dad have outfitted round her, and wanting to search out others of her kind.

But for all their precautions, Kaye, Mitch, and Stella haven't slipped under the government’s radar. The organizations fanatically dedicated to segregating and controlling the new-breed youngsters computer screen their each move—watching and anticipating the chance to strike the following blow of their escalating warfare to maintain “humankind” at any rate.

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