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Mallakzadeh and F. 4-1 Introduction • Instrumentation • Generation of Dynamic Equations • Uncertainty Analysis • System Verification 5 MEMS-Based Ultrasonic Devices T. Siu and M. 5-1 Introduction • Micro-Ultrasonic-Transducers (MUTS) • Acoustic Cavitation • MUTS for Enhancing Antisense Oligonucleotides Efficacy 6 Polyaniline Nanostructures H. Xia and H. S O. 2-6 Kinematic Model of the Nonholonomic Mobile Robot • Fuzzy Controller for the Differential Steering System H. X. 2-10 Tracking on a Rugged and Steep Hill • Experiment in a Real Farm Summary Mechatronic systems are integrated multidomain systems.

The input and output linguistic variables are summarized in the table. The defuzzification procedure maps the fuzzy output from the inference mechanism to a crisp signal. We use the center of gravity (COG) defuzzification method [2] for combining the recommendations represented by the implied fuzzy sets from all the rules. Let bi denote the center of the membership function of the consequent of rule (i), and ∫μ(i) is the area under the membership function μ(i). fm Page 9 Tuesday, September 4, 2007 2:11 PM Robotic Application of Mechatronics 2-9 Here ∫μ(i) can be easily computed because symmetric triangular output membership functions are used that peak at the value 1 and have a base width of w.

Then, an MDQ may be optimized for one design layer involving two more technology groups in that layer before proceeding to the next lower design layer where each technology group is separately optimized by considering several technology/component groups within that group together with an appropriate MDQ for that lower-level design problem. In this manner, a complex design optimization may be achieved through several design optimizations at different design levels. The final design may not be precisely optimal, yet intuitively adequate for practical purposes—say, in a conceptual design.

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