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Both eqs. (25) and (26) are valid for any value of Am2 (or Am2/(2E)) and for any 8, including 8 2 7 ~ / 444. , can give a non-negligible contribution in Po(ue + u,), only for Am2/(2E) G eV2/MeV: at Am2/(2E) X 5 x l o p 8 eV2/MeV we have effectively Po(u,+ u,) Pa. In the latter case one speaks about solar neutrino transitions. At Am2/(2E) ;5 lo-’ eV2/MeV a very precise and easy to use expression for the phase (a21 - @ 2 2 ) was found in 48: ’. 130 - (-Am2 a ~R ~~) + I . ~ ~ x I oAm2 - ~ (R- ~C O)S ~~~ + - - ( L - R ~ ) .

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