Cultural Chronology and Change: As Reflected in the Ceramics - download pdf or read online

By Collier, Donald; Martin, Paul S.; Ross, Lillian

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L. Moody and a New American Evangelism "As he stood on the platform," wrote the Reverend Lyman Abbott in praise of Dwight L. Moody, "he looked like a business man; he dressed like a business man; he took the meeting in hand as a business man would. . "' Abbot's comment, written shortly before Moody's death in 1899, points out some characteristics of Moody's revivalism that since have sometimes been obscured. Moody's evangelism had a degree of middle-class respectability about it that was not always present in American revivalism.

The actual doctrines they proposed, moreover, were Christocentric and in many respects orthodox. Yet a progressive principle was unmistakably present as well. Theology was no longer viewed as a fixed body of eternally valid truths. 19 That the "New Theology" should spread so rapidly during the 1880s and 1890s into many strongholds of American Protestantism suggests that the walls of the old-style orthodoxy, so strong in appearance as late as the 1870s, had in fact restrained a flood of new views that had been gathering for some time.

My idea was that I could open a poor man's heart by giving him a load of wood D. L. MOODY AND A NEW AMERICAN EVANGELISM 37 or a ton of coal when the winter was coming on, but I soon found out that he wasn't any more interested in the Gospel on that account. Instead of thinking how he could come to Christ, he was thinking how long it would be before he got the load of wood. 21 As the last sentence indicates, Moody dropped direct social involvement for the same reason that he avoided controversial theology—both threatened to distract from his primary concern for evangelism.

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