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By Courtney Summers

Ideal Parker Fadley isn’t so excellent anymore. She’s give up the cheerleading squad, she’s dumped her ideal boyfriend, and she’s failing institution. Her mom and dad are on a continuing suicide watch and her counselors imagine she’s enjoying games…but what they don’t comprehend, the true cause of this entire mess, isn’t anything she will be able to say out loud. It isn’t even anything she will be able to say to herself. A terrible factor has occurred and it simply can be her fault. If she will be able to simply get rid of herself from each person - be completely by myself - then every little thing might be okay...The challenge is, no one will enable her.

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Yes, I can feel my left arm.  . Make them open some windows; they’re using up all the air. ” He doesn’t get it, but he directs me to a cot at the back of the room anyway. No one else is sick today, so I get a little peace and quiet. I lie on my back and scan the shelves across the room for a bottle of ipecac, but no such luck. I close my eyes. When I open them again, it’s last period and I’m in English and Becky is freaking out and flipping through her binder while Lerner looks on. I don’t know what she’s so worried about; she’s golden.

I don’t know what I think I’ll find out here, but I stay on the ground for a while anyway, searching, until I know the hour’s gone and I’m late and I’d better go. I don’t want Chris to come back and see me here and ask me what I’m doing. Finding the bracelet that time was just a fluke, Parker, you idiot. three Jake’s a rather tenacious young man. Monday starts with him waiting for me by my locker, and I’m really not in the mood for it because I might have a hangover. Okay, that’s not true. I’m kind of in the mood for it because it is vaguely intriguing.

What’s that supposed to mean? ” “No, not just like that. We’d have to talk about it more. ” He glances at Mom. “It wouldn’t be so terrible, would it? ” She turns to me. “Where did this come from, Parker? ” “Yes, I do! Ms. ” I chew my lip and start making faces that obviously indicate I’m in the process of lying, but my parents hate believing I do that. Lie. “She said it would be a good learning experience for me.  .  . learn to nurture myself again! ” “Goldfish die at the drop of a hat, Mom. It could die of completely natural causes after two weeks and I might think it was something I did and I wouldn’t be able to live with myself.

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