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By Renee C. Rebman

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Cows even contribute to important medicines like insulin. Cows have been serving humans for thousands of years in many amazing ways. Even though we might not always think about it, most people drink, eat, and use products that come from cows every day. Cows are one of the world’s most useful animals. 41 Glossary abomasum—The fourth compartment of a cow’s stomach, where the digestive process gets completed. bacteria—Microscopic organisms, some of which produce disease. bolus—A soft mass of chewed food.

Manure contains many important nutrients, such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. These nutrients enrich the ground. Manure cannot be spread fresh. It is too strong and can harm plant growth. It is kept in a manure pile for several weeks or months and mixed with straw until it is ready for use. Another byproduct of the cow’s complex digestive system is methane gas. Cows emit this gas through burping and flatulence. Some scientists are concerned that methane gas from cows contributes to global warming.

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