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This Supplemental difficulties ebook presents extra difficulties to complement these within the scholar version of Chemistry: topic arid switch. those difficulties are supplied for every of the chapters for which extra mathematical difficulties will be worthy. such a lot chapters include 10-25 supplemental difficulties. chances are you'll use them as checks or assign them for homework. entire ideas are available in the back of the Supplemental difficulties e-book.

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4 0 206 82Pb ϩ 2He 11. 142 58Ce ϩ 1 0 142 59Pr ϩ 0n 4 1 12.

For the reaction A ϩ B 0 C, the rate relation- Potential energy CHAPTER CHAPTER 18 SUPPLEMENTAL PROBLEMS Chemical Equilibrium 1. Write equilibrium expressions for the following reactions. a. NH4HS(g) 3 NH3(g) ϩ H2S(g) b. 4HCl(g) ϩ O2(g) 3 2Cl2(g) ϩ 2H2O(g) decreasing the volume of the reaction vessel would yield more product at equilibrium. Give the reason for your choice. a. N2O4(g) 3 2NO2(g) c. PCl5(g) 3 PCl3(g) ϩ Cl2(g) b. 2SO3(g) 3 2SO2(g) ϩ O2(g) d. CuSO4и3H2O(s) ϩ 2H2O(g) 3 c. CH4(g) ϩ 2O2(g) 3 CO2(g) ϩ2H2O(g) CuSO4и5H2O(s) 2.

753-g sample of a nickel alloy. 533 g. Electric current is used to reduce the nickel ions to nickel metal, which is deposited on the platinum electrode. 042 g. What is the percentage of nickel in the alloy? Oxidation half-reaction: Reduction half-reaction: E 0cell ϭ Spontaneous? e. O2(g) ϩ 2H2SO3(aq) 0 2SO42Ϫ(aq) ϩ 4Hϩ(aq) Oxidation half-reaction: Reduction half-reaction: E 0cell ϭ Spontaneous? 34 Chemistry: Matter and Change • Chapter 21 Supplemental Problems Copyright © Glencoe/McGraw-Hill, a division of the McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.

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