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Molecules that, like water, have positive regions sticking out one side and negative regions sticking out the other are called polar. 1b shows a molecule of chlorine gas. It consists of two chlorine atoms, each of which consists of a positively charged nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons. Like oxygen, chlorine atoms tend to accept electrons when they become available, but the battle is equal in the chlorine molecule: The two atoms share their electrons equally and the molecule is nonpolar.

The equilibrium constant, K a for the dissociation of lactic acid, is defined as Ka = [CH3 CH(OH)COO− ]e [H+ ]e [CH3 CH(OH)COOH]e where the square brackets refer, by convention, to concentrations and the subscripts, e, denote that these are the concentrations of each species at equilibrium. Dissolving lots of lactic acid in water produces an acid solution, that is, one with a high concentration of H+ (really H3 O+ ) ions. For historical reasons, the acidity of a solution is given as the pH, defined thus: pH = − log10 ([H+ ]) where [H+ ] is measured in moles per liter Pure water has a pH of 7, corresponding to [H+ ] = 100 nmol liter−1 —this is said to be neutral as regards pH.

Lactose is formed from units that include ribose. D. Adenosine is formed from units that include ribose. E. Nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide is formed from units that include ribose. 4. Phospholipids A. have hydrophilic fatty acid tails. B. have charged, hydrophobic head groups. cls August 21, 2003 18:22 48 FROM WATER TO DNA: THE CHEMISTRY OF LIFE C. spontaneously form lipid bilayers in an aqueous environment. D. form droplets within the cytoplasm. E. all of the above. 5. When an acid is added to pure water A.

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