Download e-book for kindle: Player's Strategy Guide (Dungeons & Dragons 4th Ed: by Andy Collins, James Wyatt, Eytan Bernstein

By Andy Collins, James Wyatt, Eytan Bernstein

ISBN-10: 0786954884

ISBN-13: 9780786954889

100 and sixty pages of Dungeons & Dragons hotness.

The D&D Player's method Guide is aimed toward D&D gamers who crave the envy in their gamer friends. if you'd like a personality that's jaw-droppingly cool, this ebook is for you. It presents counsel and methods for optimizing your D&D characters to lead them to extra impressive and enjoyable to play on the online game table.

In addition to personality optimization suggestions and participant suggestion, this e-book comprises exciting sidebar essays written via star avid gamers and a particular comedian artwork sort not like different books within the D&D online game line.

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Pathfinder Roleplaying Game: Ultimate Magic by Paizo Publishing PDF

By Paizo Publishing

ISBN-10: 1601252994

ISBN-13: 9781601252999

This complete hardcover reference unveils the mystical secrets and techniques of the Pathfinder principles like by no means prior to. hundreds new methods and strategies for each spellcasting category within the video game fill the ebook, starting from arcane secrets and techniques exposed through studious wizards to excellent ki-tricks played via canny clergymen to new mutagens for alchemists, new oracle mysteries, really expert channel strength techniques for clerics, and extra. final Magic additionally introduces the most recent Pathfinder RPG base type: the magus. Combining arcane spells with practiced martial ability, the magus comprises components of the warrior and wizard to stroll a direction balanced among lethal effective extremes. All this, plus greater than a hundred new spells for all spellcasting periods, an cutting edge new "words of power" spellcasting method, a whole process for 1-on-1 spell duels, and extra.

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Get Earthdawn Gamemaster's Guide (3rd Edition) PDF

By Carsten Damm, James Flowers

ISBN-10: 1906508607

ISBN-13: 9781906508609

[Please observe, this PDF can't be opened with the Foxit PDF viewer. I don't comprehend the technical purposes yet that's the way it is. Adobe reader will paintings simply high quality however]

Before technological know-how, ahead of historical past, an period of magic existed in our world's dim earlier. Magic flowed freely, touching each element of the lives of guys and ladies of the Namegiver races. It was once an age of heroes, an age of fantastical deeds and legendary tales. It was once the Age of Legend. because the point of magic rose, so did the risk, luring Horrors from the depths of astral space-nightmare creatures devouring all existence of their direction. For 4 centuries, complete international locations concealed underground because the Horrors devastated their lands, a depressing time that turned referred to as the Scourge. A century in the past, the folk of Barsaive emerged from their sealed kaers and citadels. Trolls, dwarfs, elves, orks, and people dwell facet through part with unique races: the lizardlike t'skrang, the small, winged windlings, and the earthen obsidimen. Fantastical creatures stay once again within the forests and jungles. Arcane energies supply energy to these prepared to profit the methods of magic. Earthdawn is a fable role-playing video game set in an international of excessive event, excessive magic, and poor possibility. The Earthdawn Gamemaster's advisor presents revised online game mechanics, large environment fabric, instructions for growing campaigns in Barsaive, details on creatures, dragons, Horrors, spirits, magical treasures, and lots more and plenty extra!

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Get Victorian Lost (Changeling: the Lost) PDF

By Travis Stout, Jess Hartley, John Snead, Joseph D. Carriker Jr., Andrew Peregrine

Victorian misplaced: A Maze of Smoke and Hedge is a historic environment for Changeling: The misplaced. This booklet comprises details at the overdue Victorian period, together with either genuine heritage and fanciful imaginings of this time. You'll locate discussions of the sometimes violent tensions among the wealthy and the hundreds of the bad who labored of their factories and houses. This ebook additionally examines the competing visions of rural and concrete lifestyles. a few observed the geographical region as natural and towns as corrupt, whereas others considered rural parts as ignorant and backwards, and towns as facilities of growth and invention.

This ebook includes:

• surroundings fabric and participant and Storyteller recommendation for working Changeling video games within the overdue Victorian Era.
• New and up-to-date agreement clauses, in addition to new kiths.
• a quick serial to your chronicle, in addition to a pre-generated Victorian motley: the again Stairs Mob.

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Get Pathfinder Module: The Dragon's Demand PDF

By Various

ISBN-10: 1601255276

ISBN-13: 9781601255273

Based by way of a recognized dragonslayer, the small city of Belhaim has turn into a sleepy rural neighborhood simply off the overwhelmed direction, a payment the place we all know every person and strangers are the debate of town. but if Belhaim’s peace and quiet is shattered via the surprising cave in of the final status tower of its founder’s fortress, issues speedy bloom uncontrolled. Why have been there our bodies of kobolds amid the rubble? What’s the sinister mystery in the back of the unusual sounds of flapping wings within the evening? And what’s occurred to neighborhood wizard Balthus Hunclay, who’s now not answering knocks on his door? The collapsed tower had lengthy been an eyesore to the cantankerous previous man—could he have had whatever to do with its destruction? And what of the rumors of wierd stirrings in close by Dragonfen? Has Belhaim’s historic draconic nemesis returned?

"The Dragon’s Demand" is a deluxe super-adventure for 1st-level characters, and comprises sixty four action-packed pages of event and new monsters, plus a gorgeous double-sided, full-color poster map of the city of Belhaim and an immense miniatures-scale battleground! avid gamers can count on to arrive seventh point by the point they whole this epic adventure—if they be capable of live to tell the tale the wrath of a dragon whilst his calls for aren’t met!

Written through Mike Shel.
Cover artwork through Lars Grant-West.

Pathfinder Modules are 64-page, top quality, full-color, adventures utilizing the Open online game License to paintings with either the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the traditional 3.5 delusion RPG principles set. This Pathfinder Module comprises new monsters, treasure, a double-sided poster map, and a completely precise bonus place that may be used as a part of the journey or in the other online game!

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Download PDF by Colin McComb, Rob McCreary, Matthew Goodall, Jonathan Keith: Pathfinder Campaign Setting: Lands of the Linnorm Kings

By Colin McComb, Rob McCreary, Matthew Goodall, Jonathan Keith

ISBN-10: 1601253656

ISBN-13: 9781601253651

This in-depth gazetteer explores the mythical Lands of the Linnorm Kings, a northern realm of larger-than-life experience the place Viking kings earn the appropriate to rule by means of defeating huge, immense, primeval dragons - linnorms. From the rugged western islands of the Ironbound Archipelago to the battleworn expanse often called Hagreach within the east, this Pathfinder surroundings sourcebook includes special remedies of all of the significant locales within the zone. a number of event websites and crusade topics are explored intimately, comparable to distant troll-haunted ruins, mysterious destinations associated with the eerie realm of the fey, or even a pattern linnorm hunt. principles on weregild (fees for hostages or slain enemies), effigies (mundane and magical how one can strike worry into your enemies), and attractiveness during this ferocious land are explored, as are a number of new monsters and pre-built enemy NPCs, comparable to remorseless longship captains, berserkers, new trolls, and the main strong linnorm within the land - dread Fafnheir!

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Races of the Dragon (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy by Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Kolja Raven PDF

By Gwendolyn F. M. Kestrel, Jennifer Clarke Wilkes, Kolja Raven Liquette

ISBN-10: 0786939133

ISBN-13: 9780786939138

The Blood of Dragons Flows via Your Veins

In a long time prior, dragons governed perfect. Now their far-off scions, the races and people who hold their blood, stay one of the nice empires of the realm, the place they forge their very own excellent legacies. you may be between them. include your draconic background, and the spoils of the realm might be yours!

This complement for the D&D® video game offers exact details at the psychology, society, tradition, habit, faith, and folklore of the dragonblooded races, together with kobolds and half-dragons. This e-book introduces new participant personality races: the dragonborn (existing characters reborn in a brand new draconic shape to strive against and spoil the spawn of Tiamat) and the spellscales (artistic, philosophical beings with a penchant for sorcery and a thirst for brand spanking new experiences). It additionally presents new status periods, feats, spells, magic goods, apparatus, and instructions for crafting adventures and campaigns related to dragonblooded races.

For use with those Dungeons & Dragons® middle books
Player’s Handbook™ Dungeon Master’s Guide™ Monster Manual™

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Happy Birthday, Robot!: A Story Telling Game for Families by Daniel Solis PDF

By Daniel Solis

Satisfied Birthday, robotic! is a storytelling online game for households and school rooms. gamers take turns writing the tale of Robot's birthday.

You by no means know the way many phrases you'll get to put in writing. How a lot are you able to say in 4 phrases? How a lot can your pals upload in precisely three?

What will Robot's birthday be like? Will robotic meet new pals? visit outer house? you choose, one roll at a time!

This ebook includes the whole principles for a way to play. calls for 10-15 cube, 20 cash, a workstation, and a pencil or pen.

  • 3-5 Players
  • 30-45 Minutes
  • Ages 10+
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    Promethean: the Created by Will Hindmarch, Bill Bridges, Justin Achilli, Richard PDF

    By Will Hindmarch, Bill Bridges, Justin Achilli, Richard Thomas, John Chambers, Conrad Hubbard, Oscar Garza, Chris McDonough, Mike Todd

    I do know that glance of disgust on your eyes.
    You can't disguise it from me.

    I've obvious all its expressions in lots of faces like your own.
    I am in detail acquainted with rejection.
    Yes, those scars and stitched wounds are frightening to behold.
    Were i actually alive, they'd be sufficient to kill me.

    But it's not that i am alive.
    Not yet.

    Not within the approach you recognize it.
    A fireplace burns inside of me and animates this lifeless flesh,
    these legs that experience wandered the some distance areas of the Earth,
    these fingers that experience killed men.

    And I stroll with a purpose.
    You won't stand in my way.
    These fingers have killed men.

    A Storytelling video game of Stolen Lives

    Prometheans are soulless corpses lively by way of a mysterious, alchemical strength, the Divine fireplace stolen from the gods. Their hideousness forces people, animals, or even nature itself to reject them on an instinctual point. They wander the darkish areas of the area, looking what their creators denied them: humanity.

    A New video game set on this planet of Darkness

    A entire new kind of personality for avid gamers, encouraged via the vintage Frankenstein monster and the global myths of Golems

    Explores points of the realm of Darkness unknown to the opposite online game lines

    Strange new antagonists and mysteries to resolve for gamers of any international of Darkness video game

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    Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East (Werewolf: The by Heather Curatola, Harry Heckel, Kathy Ryan PDF

    By Heather Curatola, Harry Heckel, Kathy Ryan

    ISBN-10: 1565043383

    ISBN-13: 9781565043381

    On Hemmed-in floor, inn to Stratagem...

    The Wheel of a long time turns progressively to the age of blood and hearth, the age that the Westerners name the Apocalypse. The ghostly roars of battles but to come back resound within the Yang nation-states, and the cries of untamed devils echo among mountaintops. And the beast-changers, the moon's teenagers -- the hengeyokai -- listen all of them. The tigers watch the sunlight descend; the goblin spiders move slowly within the shadows; the foxes whistle to each other; the dragons lower than the mountains wake. The time of significant struggle is here.

    On determined flooring, Fight!

    Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East information the werecreatures of Asia, their sorcery and strategies, and their blood enemies. What's extra, there's details at the spirit international of the East, in addition to environment details at the center country and the Beast Courts. eventually, the elusive werefoxes -- the Kitsune -- seem in the entire aspect of a altering Breed ebook right. forget about this knowledge at your individual risk.

    Hengeyokai: Shapeshifters of the East includes:
    -details at the many altering Breeds of the East, together with Hakken Garou, Tengu and Zhong Lung
    -Full information at the Kitsune; a whole altering Breed e-book integrated within
    -Specific cosmology at the Asian spirit worlds, new presents, rites and powers, antagonists and more

    ~White Wolf

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