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By Pseudo-Leopardi, A Necrezuta, F Pilastru, I Imaculata

ISBN-10: 0692218858

ISBN-13: 9780692218853

Pseudo-Leopardi. Cantos for the Crestfallen. Translated by way of A. Necrezută, F. Pilastru & I. Imaculată. ISBN-13: 978-0692218853. ISBN-10: 0692218858. gnOme, 2014. forty four pp. $10.00.

Pseudo-Leopardi’s Cantos for the Crestfallen, right here translated for the 1st time from the Romanian unique, is a breathless expiration of most unlikely pessimo-mystical wants for the immanent past. In a chain of thirty one verses channeling the spirits of Cioran, Dante, and the poet’s eponym, the Cantos testify to life’s senselessness, the need of being beheaded, and the affection of saints. it really is an intoxicated and uncompromising imaginative and prescient: The identify of you / Who modify one atom of my sigh is now afflicted from life.

“Not due to the fact that Die Nachtwachen (The Nightwatches), released in 1804 less than the pseudonym of Bonaventura, a German Romantic of often-attributed but arguably nonetheless doubtful id, has there seemed one of these ebook as Cantos for the Crestfallen. additionally written by means of an unknown hand, one soaking wet in a philosophy and poetics of an apocalyptic tone, the latter name opponents its predecessor in either secret and depression. whilst that the authors of those works tear the masks from the darkish face of the inhuman comedy, they perform a reckless wit that makes the blackness of our lives blacker nonetheless. Cantos for the Crestfallen particularly flows with grotesque conceits that vacant into an ocean of tears, finally drowning its reader faraway from the sight of land, of domestic, and of hope.” – Thomas Ligotti

“Like his namesake-by-declamatio, the writer of Cantos for the Crestfallen has controlled to condense all human afflictions into one solitary fusion of melancholy, a distress with the teeth sufficient to chew the hand off each nescient and conciliatory phantasm. And but to underpin this breathless, virtually throttled, ennui (his personal sigh even “drowning in air”) there's the get to the bottom of and the bitterness of a love affair long past mistaken, the unrequited affections, the uncooked feels of the world’s interminable spurning; and it all a lie, a necrophile’s symphony tapped out through a center made ash of, a middle crawling up a corkscrewed backbone to die inside of a brain.” – Gary J. Shipley

“Pseudo-Leopardi’s Cantos exhale a spirit of blackened occidental sufism that might make your head spiral.” – Pir Iqbal the Impaled

“From the enhaloed entrails of a forgotten pc comes those Cantos for the Crestfallen. those poems describe not anything and enact everything—litanies of a moldering sunlight refusal.” – Rasu-Yong Tugen, Baroness de Tristeombre

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I wish a sleep greater still would fall upon the planet, Turn the blue earth into a vast floating tomb of slumber, So deep that waking would induce permanent amnesia. Then we might be done with all owning and begging, With the rampant idiocy of protestors and policemen, All the intolerable terroristic evil of the do-gooders. Then poet and philosopher would freely kill each other And a more glorious final war spontaneously spiral into Paths of violent charity passing beyond the spheres. For now, somewhere out there you too are sleeping, Heedless of my early thoughts.

Who swims with them the monstrous abyss of charity, Paces the lost, remote speeds of their sleepless longing? Who can follow the sightless acceleration of their least? Without her help your very best is just another way To repeat yourself, only another day of sealing your fate: To die in sleep without ever having known the truth. Cast your tears and shoot your sighs unto the saint’s feet. Let your hair rise towards her heights. Chance is good She will not hear, for her station is lofty, beyond worlds.

I am looking forward to the day when the world asks us What happened. I am destroyed by looking forward to Being then even more ridiculously unable to answer. The silence I have learned from your ears is like a little Insect that now lives in my heart, trapped in a cosmos More and more surchaotic, safer from itself each instant. Today something new will happen, again. As if I care. As if we are concerned in the least with anything That goes on in this universe, this inquisitorial void. XXVII The intolerable cacophony of the world has again begun.

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