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By Charles S. Prebish

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Major monastic texts, from 4th and seventh centuries CE. introductory chapters, notes, and concordance. rep. 1974 ed.

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IV, p. 16). 11 Sukumar Dutt, Buddhist Monks and Monasteries of India (London: George Allen & Unwin, 1962), pp. 58-59. The Rise of Buddhist Monasticism 29 12 Oldenberg, The Vinaya Pitakam, Vol. I, p. 1). 13 Ibid. 1-2). The other side of a body of water could only be chosen when there was a reliable bridge or boat. ,p. Ill (MahavaggaII. 1-2). , p. 1). 16 S. Dutt, Early Buddhist Monachism, p. 150. 17 S. Dutt, Buddhist Monks and Monasteries of India, p. 59. 18 Oldenberg, The'vinaya Pitakam, Vol. I, p.

4. Whatever monk, unknowing and not understanding, should boast of having superhuman faculties, sufficient knowledge and the specific spiritual realization of the nobles, and insight and a state of comfort8* which are inexistent and unobtained [by him], saying, "I know this, I see this"; and at a later time, the fallen [monk], desiring purity, being questioned or not being questioned, should say, "O Venerable Ones, I said I know, I see, [but it was] worthless, vain, false speaking"; unless [spoken] because of pride, this monk is parajika, expelled.

73]. The brackets 40 Pratimoksa Sutras 14 Roth, "Bhiksunivinaya and Bhiksu-Praklrnaka and Notes on the Language," p. 38. 15 Ibid. , p. 39. The brackets are mine. , pp. 39 and 51. , p. 51. D. thesis (The University of Wisconsin, 1971), which provides copious grammatical notes and queries. Ill The Sanskrit Pratimoksa Sutras of the Mahasamghikas and Mulasarvastivadins: Translations The Pratimoksa Sutra of the Mahasamghikas Prefatory Verses Homage to the Blessed One, free from passion 1. 1 2. Having heard that Pratimoksa spoken by the Sugata, [which provides] release from the pains of becoming, the self-possessed, filled with restraint regarding the six sense organs, put an end to birth and death.

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