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Lifestyles as a ship's boy aboard HMS Dolphin is a dream come precise for Jacky Faber. long past are the times of scavenging for meals and battling for survival at the streets of eighteenth-century London. as a substitute, Jacky is changing into a talented and revered sailor because the team pursues pirates at the excessive seas.There's just one challenge: Jacky is a woman. and she or he must use each piece of her spirit, wit, and braveness to maintain the team from learning her mystery. this would be the journey of her life--if in basic terms she does not get stuck. . . .

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Chapter 7 We are all salty sea sailors now, havin' survived our first days at sea, if only just barely. The first day out was glorious, as we rode the tide out to the mouth of the harbor, our sails goin' up and our banners a'spankin' and people wavin' from the shore and us boys not knowin' what to do yet so we just watches in wonderment and stays out of the way. Some of the hands is way up in the riggin' lettin' out sails and some is on deck haulin' on ropes, and the officers are shoutin' all sorts of strange orders like it's another language altogether.

Dunno," says I. " Then I tells him what happened at the Bell and Boar and in Slipburn Alley. " I lets that sink in a bit and then plows on. "I don't want 'em picked up by Scroggs or Jimmy Ducks or Dirty Henry or any of those. I takes you for a decent sort, Toby, the sort'll look after 'em a bit. " "I ain't nobody's mother," says Toby. "And I ain't—" "Our gang lost two today, so there's Judy and Polly and Nancy and Hugh the Grand, with your bunch that makes eight, a good-sized group, and we got a better kip than this.

Back then my name was Mary. London, 1797 "We'll be back for the rest of the lot in a few days," allows one of the men, and he's right 'cause me mum and me sister both goes off the next day and the men come back and takes me mum and puts her in the cart, her legs all danglin' over the side and not covered up proper, but it's Muck that comes and picks up me poor little sister and throws her all limp over his shoulder. I din't know 'im as Muck then, but I do later, and it's Muck what takes me out all bawlin' to the street and sets me on the curb.

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