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By Manuel Ruiz-garcia, Joseph Mark Shostell

ISBN-10: 1611224365

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Country Location River Basin Long/ Lat Year Seasons sampled Venezuela Cinaruco River, Santos Luzardo National Park Orinoco 67oW, 6oN 19931994 low rising falling Peru Pacaya-Samiria National Reserve Tijamuchi River Amazon 74oW, 5oS 65oW, 14oS 19962000 1998 1999 2001 all May all Feb Bolivia Amazon, upper Madeira, Mamoré Sub-basin Figure 1. Location of study sites, Bolivia, Peru and Venezuela. Peak water level July Reference McGuire 1995 McGuire and Winemiller 1998 McGuire 2002 AliagaRossel 2000, 2002 Seasonal Ecology of Inia in Three River Basins of South America 33 During boat-based surveys in rivers, tributaries, lakes, and confluences (for detailed methods see McGuire, 1995; Aliaga-Rossel, 2000; McGuire, 2002) group size, age composition and GPS position were recorded for each dolphin sighting and results were used to determine encounter rates.

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