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By Thomas R. Flynn

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ISBN-13: 9780740775598

On September eleven, 2001, journalist Tom Flynn trigger on his motorcycle towards the realm exchange Towers now not realizing what he used to be driving into. Bikeman is one man's trip again to the horrors of that day and to the humanity that by some means emerged from the dirt and the loss of life. either heartbreaking and haunting, his phrases will stick with you love that 'forever September morning.' —Meredith Vieira, NBC's Today

Tom Flynn brings to his topic 3 useful attributes: the attention of a pro journalist, the soul of a poet, and his lovely, first-hand adventure of that bad day.

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The young ones are off somewhere
and whilst I waken
I pay attention only
the buzz of current
in the TV
and the fridge

groaning opposed to the coming
day. I upward push and wash;
there is nothing
to contemplate except
the insistent push
of water, and the pipe's

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but now you’re here and that’s not an elephant you see from under the painted hat, but a tank.

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