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By Benjamin Baugh

ISBN-10: 0857440209

ISBN-13: 9780857440204

Greater Bads is a sourcebook for the multi-Ennie Award-nominated roleplaying online game Monsters and different infantile issues. larger Bads is written by means of Monsters writer Benjamin Baugh and illustrated by means of Robert Mansperger.

Bigger Bads introduces rather great monsters to the sport, besides enjoyable new principles suggestions, new suggestions for “weird kids” with their very own vast powers, a brand new crusade environment, and a ton (actually, loads of lots) of latest antagonists.

Bigger Bads positive factors . . .

  • New ideas for big monsters.
  • New non-compulsory wrestle principles for children and monsters.
  • New “weird kid” powers.
  • New ideas for making significant dangers and mess ups part of the action.
  • A new crusade atmosphere, cross move Monster strength Zeta!
  • Loads of recent antagonists! company monster Levi A. Than . . . Mi-Go’Jirrah the amazing Fungus Lizard . . . Your (Hot) New Stepmom (from California) . . . and dozens more.
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    Extra info for Bigger Bads

    Sample text

    Ah snap, now he’s talking to me again. C. Occupant is this homeless guy who’s always lurking around, and he’s got a head full of R-rated stories that nobody should be telling little kids. Stuff about wars, and about contract murder, and about alien replicons used to replace major political figures and TV celebrity chefs who got too close to the truth about who’s really in charge of reality. And who is it? Well, he never seems to get to that part of the story, or his eyes get vague, and he wanders off in a fugue, mumbling to himself in special forces code-speak like the kids who play too much Bronze Star Recent Warfare Elite Edition online do.

    His memory is a garbled mess, partially because he underwent extensive personality implantation for his various assignments, but mostly because he drinks Old Man Snapp’s Hand-Blended Sippin’ Whiskey by the gallon, and pounds his head against walls to stop the voices screaming at him. But when the fog clears, he’s heck on two legs, and could scissorkick James Bourne in the face while judo-chopping Jason Bond into unconsciousness. He took his name from 39 Chapter 6: Agonizing Antagonists a piece of mail he found in his pocket when he woke on the streets of the kids’ city.

    Smaller characters are also better at hitting bigger characters (because they’re bigger—it’s hard to miss), and at dodging their attacks (because they’re so tiny). If you’re teeny and he’s big then it’ll be easier not to get hit, but if you do get hit it’ll suck more. Even worse, because the stuff you’re getting hit with is so big, it splashes over into other hit locations. If you’re a kid and get hit in the Guts by a Bigness 5 Mega-Squid then its damage will roll over to four other hit locations (so basically, all of them) and inflict +4 damage!

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