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He took a sip of tea and studied her over the rim of the mug. His hazel gaze was unreadable, but when he lowered the cup there was a faint curve edging the hard line of his mouth. "Thank you for accepting. I'll make the arrangements this afternoon. " Amber shook her head, wondering why she felt a vague sense of disappointment. Surely she hadn't been expecting anything more than a quiet, businesslike acceptance of her answer. "I'd prefer to keep the wedding small. " "Fine. " Gray took another sip of tea, his expression thoughtful as though he were already working through the details in his mind.

She shook her head. "No, Gray. I've never seen you make a serious mistake, at least not in business. But this is a little different, don't you think? " "What's so different about marriage? I've analyzed the situation and us. I think we'll be good together. Neither of us is the hot-blooded type. We aren't blinded by a lot of emotional garbage and we're both basically honest. Furthermore, I think we're both capable of making a commitment and sticking to it. " Amber moved one hand in an exasperated motion.

He's a good man. " Amber sighed. "I like him. I'm comfortable with him. I respect him. But I don't feel anything as strong as a grand passion for him. I don't think I'll ever feel that way about anyone again. " Cynthia tapped one crimson nail against the steering wheel, ignoring her two-year-old son who was starting to bounce up and down in his car seat and make anticipatory noises. " Amber flushed slightly, surprised to find herself more flustered by the question than she ought to have been. " "That's not what I mean.

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