New PDF release: Belly Button Book

By Sandra Boynton

ISBN-10: 0761137998

ISBN-13: 9780761137993

Emboldened via the enthusiastic reaction to Belly Button (Round)—a tune from her Grammy-nominated book/CD, Philadelphia Chickens—Sandra Boynton extra contemplates this enchanting topic. that includes a beachful of bare-bellied hippos—including one tiny child who can basically say “Bee Bo”—the Belly Button publication is the newest quirky addition to the phenomenally profitable Boynton on Board sequence. each web page captivates with Sandra Boynton’s inimitable illustrations and cheerful rhyming textual content: Soon after darkish, upon the seashore, we sing a hippo music, and if you’re feeling within the temper, we are hoping you’ll sing alongside: “Belly abdominal Button, you’re oh so high quality. Ooo, abdominal Button, I’m so satisfied you’re mine.” glossy and durable, and that includes a good (navel-shaped, clearly) die-cut hide that provides a provocative glimpse of the merriment inside of, the Belly Button booklet presents enduring, giggly, read-aloud enjoyable.

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Language is probably the best trick of our human brain. We entered into the internal dialogues that expand our consciousness. And we found the way to share those thoughts and remem- 0306817366_olmert:olmert 11/24/08 9:19 AM Page 11 JUST WATCHING 11 ber them better. ” Despite the protestations of many linguists and philosophers, language did not so much separate us from animals as reorganize our relationship with them. Millions of years of visual contact with animals had forged the powerful nonconscious bond we felt with them.

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