Belarus: From Soviet Rule to Nuclear Catastrophe - download pdf or read online

By David R. Marples

ISBN-10: 0333626311

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Belarus: From Soviet Rule to Nuclear disaster examines the valuable results of Soviet rule on Belarus because the prelude to a close research of the clinical and social results of the nuclear twist of fate at Chernobyl. It areas those difficulties into the modern political context and assesses the facility of the newly-independent nation to accommodate a catastrophe of such dimensions.

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Although a small indigenous Belarusian elite may have had the opportunity to emerge and play a role in the political process, it was also dependent on the vigorous growth and preservation of a rural culture. Belarus's form of national development as a major industrial republic in which national consciousness has lagged behind that in its neighbor states owes much not only to its demographic development, but also concomitantly to Soviet language policy. I. Kasperovich illustrated this process in a notably frank article in 1985.

There were reportedly some 8000 industrial and railroad workers in Belarusian territories by the turn of the century, but in contrast to St Petersburg with its massive industrial enterprises, the Belarusian factories were small affairs, and the province became a supplier of raw materials and farm products. 26 According to another source, Belarusians also migrated eastward into Siberia and central Russia. 27 Nonetheless, it would be misleading to paint a completely bleak picture of industrial development in the period 1900-13.

25 This feature of the Soviet period can be exemplified in several ways. One can perceive a distinct change in the size of families in the period 1970 and 1989, and the deterioration of family life in the villages. 5. 3 members. 2 The statistics provide evidence of the depopulation of the Belarusian village. The percentage of the rural population in the overall population of the republic has fallen from 43 in 1980 to 33 today. 3 Perhaps the young people would find it convenient to move to towns for better jobs and education?

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