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By Andy Behrens

ISBN-10: 1436210887

ISBN-13: 9781436210881

What wouldnÂ’t a man do to get the girl?

How will storage band entrance guy Duncan ever get the eye of his goddess like classmate Carly, who’s so busy attempting to retailer the area that she won’t even glance in his course? an concept hits him, literally: whilst Duncan by accident bruises himself, Carly desires to comprehend who punched him, and vows to maintain “poor widdle Dunky.” yet as his black eye fades, so does Carly’s devotion. Duncan wishes a plan. He wishes approaching probability. He wishes a BULLY. the quest is on.

This hilarious novel performs with the understanding that teenage boys will just do approximately whatever to get a girlÂ’s attention.

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He shrieked as if he were being set ablaze. A collective “ooooooh” arose from the students watching the confrontation. “They’re not booing,” said Jessie mockingly. “They’re hooting! ” Perry wiped cola from his face with his meaty hands and removed the jersey. He then eyed the freshman, who stood grinning behind Carly. “You’re dead,” said Perry, pointing at him. “You are d-e-a- . ” “You will not touch him,” said Carly firmly. ” She paused. “But please continue. ’” After a bit more angry posing, the cola-soaked Pear Bear walked away, his friends trailing behind.

Ice on the roads. Pileups on the expressway. Angry shoveling at dawn. ” He fell onto the yellow vinyl seat of a tall metal chair. 35 ANDY BEHRENS “What compels a sixteen-year-old boy to pay attention to the weather, anyway? Really, Duncan. ” “Right. There’s big money in that, honey. Companies are always looking for good brooders. ” She furiously hacked at stalks of asparagus, sending green shrapnel to the floor. ” He folded his arms on the circular glass kitchen table, then rested his head. “That’s a profound existential question, sweetie pie.

Perfect end to a perfect day,” he groaned. 44 5 11 “Dude, your mom was pissed,” said Jessie, accelerating away from a stoplight. Duncan sat beside her in the passenger seat of her Volkswagen. ” “Yup, well, I’m her baby. ” He examined his face in the flip-down mirror. His nose looked as if it had been rhinoplastied by amateurs. His left eye was plum-colored, swollen halfway shut, and he seemed to be storing acorns in his mouth. ” She eased the car onto the school’s inner drive. It was seven twenty on Friday morning.

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