Atmospheric Pollution 1980, Proceedings of the 14th by Michel M. Benarie (Eds.) PDF

By Michel M. Benarie (Eds.)

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REFERENCES 1 S. El Tahry, Turbulent Plume Dispersal, PhD Thesis, Imperial College, London, 1979. S. Kaiser, TIRION 4, a Computer Code for use in Nuclear Safety Studies, UKAEA Rep. SRD R/34 (1978). E. J. Reece, and W. Rodi, Journal of Fluid Mechanics, (1975) 68, 537. E. Launder, Heat and Mass Transport, Chapter 6 in Topics in Applied Physics (1976), Volume 12, Springer, Edited by P. Bradshaw. M. E. Launder, Ground effects on pressure fluctuations in the atmospheric boundary layer, Journal of Fluid Mechanics (1978), 86,491.

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