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However, cases in which even minor damage to a building can he attributed directly to the effects of vibration alone are very rare. Usually many other factors are involved as well, such as ground settlement or movement caused by changes of moisture content. It is generally accepted that the vibration levels in a building would become absolutely intolerable to the human occupants long before they reached a level at which there was danger of damage to the building. In cases where minor damage does occur, and in which vibration is alleged to play a part, the most common occurrences are: damage to unsound plaster, cracking of glass, loosening of roof tiles and cracks to masonry.

The spectrum of a single transient vibration is also a continous spectrum, with, usually, higher levels at the lower frequencies and with the levels reducing at higher frequencies. Repeated transients produce a line spectrum in which the line spacing is determined by the repetition rate, but where the shape of the spectrum is determined by the waveform of the transient. Examples include the vibration produced by rotating machines such as fans, pumps and motors, and reciprocating machines such as engines.

As far as vibration transmission is concerned. the human body may be thought of as a complex mass-spring system. It therefore has a complicated frequency response which includes resonances associated with either the whole body or various parts of the body such as the head or the shoulder girdle. These frequencies may vary greatly for different people. Different parts of the body are therefore most sensitive to different frequencies of vibration. Therefore there is not only a difference in individual sensitivity to vibration, but also a 36 difference in individual transmissibility as well.

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