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By James Baldwin

ISBN-10: 0679744711

ISBN-13: 9780679744719

Set in Greenwich Village, Harlem, and France, between different locales, one other kingdom is a unique of passions--sexual, racial, political, artistic--that is beautiful for its emotional depth and haunting sensuality, depicting women and men, blacks and whites, stripped in their mask of gender and race by way of love and hatred on the such a lot elemental and elegant. In a small set of buddies, Baldwin imbues the simplest and worst intentions of liberal the US within the early Seventies.

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All I meant, anyway,” she said, soberly, “is that I had to try to fit myself around you and not try to make you fit around me. That’s all. ” “No. ” he said, and laughed aloud, “you are a funny girl. ” “I hope you do,” she said. “You know me so well and you don’t know that? ” He pulled her up from the table and put both arms around her, bending his cheek to her hair. ” Everything, his breath in her hair, his arms, his chest, his odor— was familiar, confining, unutterably dear. She turned her head slightly to look out of the kitchen window.

She sipped her drink, then she put it on the floor beside her chair. She played with the ruby-eyed snake ring on her long little finger. “I’m sure he’s all right,” Cass said, miserably aware of the empty sound of the words, “it’s just that— well, Rufus is like a lot of people I know. When something goes wrong, when he gets hurt, he just wants to go and hide until it’s over. He licks his wounds. ” She looked to Richard for help. He did his best. “I think Cass may be right,” he murmured. “I’ve been everywhere,” said Ida, “everywhere he ever played, I been talking to everybody I could find who ever worked with him, anybody I could find he’d even ever said hello to— I even tried relatives in Brooklyn—” She stopped and turned to Vivaldo.

You had to be a man where I come from, and you had to prove it, prove it all the time. But I could tell you things” He sighed. “Well, my Dad’s still there, sort of helping to keep the liquor industry going. Most of the kids I knew are dead or in jail or on junk. ” She listened because she knew that he was going back over it, looking at it, trying to put it all together, to understand it, to express it. But he had not expressed it. He had left something of himself back there on the streets of Brooklyn which he was afraid to look at again.

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