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By by J. E. Webb and J. H. Elgood.

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S. moupinensis (Groves 1981). T H E OT H E R P I G S The pygmy hog, Sus salvanius, is today an endangered species, conWned as far as is known to the Manas National Park on the Asaam/Bhutan border. It seems unlikely that anyone has thought to domesticate it, though Mohr (1960) did propose that the famous Vietnamese pot-bellied pig breed might be derived from it. The South East Asian pigs of the ‘verrucose’ group are all handsomely equipped with pendulous warts in adult males: three warts (on the snout, below the eyes, and on the jaw angles) in the true warty pig, only two in the others; and many of them have bushy beards or jaw tufts in addition.

12. Sus scrofa moupinensis. This is a fairly small, short-maned pig with a broad, high-crowned skull, from most of China and Vietnam. I have severe doubts whether this is all one subspecies; specimens seem, for example, to be darker in the north, brindled yellow in the south; larger in the north, smaller in the south, larger again in Vietnam. The recent rediscovery and cataloguing of the huge Heude collection (Braun et al. 2001), which contains a large number of wild pig skulls, will help to disentangle this complex situation.

However, the dominant view—held by most researchers until very recently—still argued for a limited geographical origin for pig domestication in the Near and (probably) Far East. In Japan, one of the longest-running debates within archaeology is whether Sus was merely hunted, semi-managed, or domesticated by Middle and Late Jomon hunter-gatherers (see Hongo et al. this volume). g. statistical, biomolecular, palaeopathological), many of which are described in this volume, are now helping us to take major interpretative leaps forward in our understanding of many of these questions.

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Animal classification. by by J. E. Webb and J. H. Elgood.

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