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By Bruno Cozzi, Stefan Huggenberger, Helmut A Oelschläger

ISBN-10: 0124072291

ISBN-13: 9780124072299

ISBN-10: 0124076556

ISBN-13: 9780124076556

The Anatomy of Dolphins: Insights into physiology and Function is an exact, specified, absolutely illustrated, descriptive, and functionally orientated textual content at the anatomy and morphology of dolphins. It makes a speciality of a couple of delphinid species, with keynotes on vital dolphin-like genera, corresponding to the harbor porpoise. It additionally serves as an invaluable supplement for increasing developments and emphases in molecular biology and genetics.

The authors proportion their life-long services on marine mammals in numerous disciplines. Written as a workforce instead of being ready as a set of separate contributions, the result's a uniform and complete type, giving all the diversified issues acceptable area. Many colour figures, which use the authors’ entry to large collections of designated dolphin and whale fabric, around out this unprecedented delivering to the field.

  • Includes high quality illustrations, drawings, halftone art, photographic documentations, microphotos, and tables detailing dolphin anatomy, functionality, and morphology
  • Facilitates schooling and coaching of scholars of all easy study and technologies devoted to marine biology and the remedy of marine mammals
  • Brings jointly the present wisdom and data in this subject, together with these in vague prior or non-English guides, or scattered briefly chapters in volumes
  • Covers a couple of delphinid species and serves as an invaluable supplement for increasing developments in molecular biology and genetics

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Some controversy surrounds the precise nomenclature of the external layer. , 1986), most authors agree that the process of cornification is incomplete. ” This stratum is only eight to ten cells thick and has flattened cells sometimes with deformed or destroyed nuclei, occasionally intact nuclei. Accordingly, it appears of parakeratosis known from the pouch epidermis in kangaroos (Sokolov, 1982). However, Geraci et al. (1986) have observed as many as 50 layers of cells in the stratum externum of the bottlenose dolphin.

Orcein after Taenzer-Unna stain. 10 Subcutis of a bottlenose dolphin showing elastic fibers within the dermal fiber bundles (scale bars = 100 µm). Left, Orcein after Taenzer-Unna; Right, Resorcin-Fuchsin after Weigert. The blood vessel (*) on left image is heavily surrounded by elastic fibers. Sokolov, 1982). , 2015). Numerous blood vessels and nerve endings can be found in the dermis. 9). Typically, a vertically directed thin-walled arteriole runs up the center of each dermal papilla and connects through anastomotic vessels with tributary veins on each side (Sokolov, 1982).

However, the large moment generated about the center of gravity by the flukes produces a pitching moment in the anterior end. The pitching oscillations of the rostrum are a vertical displacement of 1–7% of body length (Fish and Rohr, 1999). Accordingly, rostrum oscillations are small compared to fluke movements, despite the distance of the rostrum from the center of gravity, which is slightly rostral of the midlength of the body. During the stroke cycles, the body does not act as a rigid beam. The pitching oscillations are nearly in phase so that the rostrum and flukes are pitched downward or upward simultaneously.

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