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By Carroll B.W., Ostlie D.A.

ISBN-10: 0321442849

ISBN-13: 9780321442840

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The last illustration dates from a few weeks ago. I happened to be reading the autobiographical sketch written by Douglas Osheroff, who was awarded the Nobel Prize in physics for 1996 (together with David Lee and Robert Richardson) for the discovery of the superfluid state in Helium-3. Osheroff wrote: “It was a good time to be at Caltech, as Feynman was teaching his famous undergraduate course. This two-year sequence was an extremely important part of my education. ” Afterthoughts My rather brusque departure from Caltech immediately after the second year of the lectures meant that I had no opportunity to observe the subsequent evolution of the introductory physics course.

The fourth lecture, Dynamical Effects and Their Applications, was given early in the second term of the freshman class, shortly after the students returned from winter break. ” Most of the lecture was devoted to a discussion of technology that was relatively new in 1962: practical inertial guidance. ” After the lecture After ending a lecture Feynman often left his microphone on. This has provided us with the unique opportunity of witnessing how Feynman interacted with his undergraduate students.

But let’s just assume that you’re getting somewhere. But what else do you do? I mean, you asked me what my reaction was. It may be difficult, but I expected them to do better on the simple questions than they were doing. In other words, a person who couldn’t do what they apparently couldn’t do was certainly not understanding what I was talking about. That’s the way I felt about it. Weiner: How long did you do this? Three years? Feynman: I did this for a year, and then they started to work on me for the second year.

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