New PDF release: Alternatives to Sex: A Novel

By Stephen McCauley

ISBN-10: 0743453190

ISBN-13: 9780743453196

Boston genuine property agent William Collins is aware that his behavior are slipping uncontrolled. as a result of obsessive-compulsive day-by-day cleansing binges and a penchant for nightly on-line cruising for hookups, he unearths his revenues figures slipping regardless of a booming industry. There's additionally his ongoing fight to assemble the lease from his passive-aggressive tenant and his concerns approximately his ally, Edward, whom he's definitely not in love with. simply as he makes a decision to take care of his lifestyles, he meets Charlotte and Samuel, prosperous suburbanites searching for the best urban condo. "Happy couple," he writes in his notes. "Maybe i will be able to study anything from them." What he eventually discovers demanding situations his personal assumptions approximately genuine property, love, and wish; and what they examine from him may well get to the bottom of a budding friendship, let alone a really promising sale.
packed with crackling discussion added by way of a stellar ensemble of avid gamers, Alternatives to Sex is a great, hilarious chronicle of lifestyles in post-traumatic, morally ambiguous the United States -- the place the need to do solid is consistently being tripped up via the necessity to suppose solid. straight away.

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