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By Winifred M. Watkins (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

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Brennessel and Goldstein (1974), however, reported that, although they routinely observed H activity in glycoproteins prepared from group 0 red cells by the methods of Marchesi and Andrews (1971) and Hamaguchi and Cleve (1972), this activity could be dissociated from the glycoproteins by affinity chromatography. The authors concluded that the H activity was due to another class of molecule, more probably glycolipid. , 1977). The complete amino acid sequence and the sites of oligosaccharide attachment have been determined.

1975) were successful in reproducing the effect in vitro. Although the substances have not been rigorously characterized they are known to circulate as part o(a lipoprotein complex and it is assumed that the glycosphingolipid in the complex is taken up by the red cell membrane. In a group A individual the amount of A active glycosphingolipid is affected by the A subgroup, and by the individual's endowment with respect to secretor genes and Lewis genes (Crookston and Tilley, 1977); the amount is greatest in AI secretors who are Le (a - b-).

I3-Gal(l-+4)I3-GIcNAc(l-+3)I3-Oal( 1-+4)Glc-ceramide I3-Gal(I-+4)I3-OICNAC(I-+3)\ a-GalNAc(l-+3)'\. a-Fuc(l-+2)1 I3-Gal(I-+4)I3-GlcNAc(I-+3)I3-Gal(I-+4)I3-GlcNAc(I-+3)I3-Gal(I-+4)GIc-ceramide a-GalNAC(I-+3)'\. B-active structures AC Ab A-active structures (1975) Hanfland et at. (1972) Hakomori at. (1972) Hakomori et -..... ~ (') .. C N ... III 3 CD III '< en - 'a 0 Q. " III Q. :::I DI Fi CD ~ r- 5' III ~ 'a CD DI 22 Winifred M. Watkins characterized but there is no reason to believe that they do not occur on red cell membranes of group B individuals.

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Advances in Human Genetics 10 by Winifred M. Watkins (auth.), Harry Harris, Kurt Hirschhorn (eds.)

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