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By Christmas Humphreys

ISBN-10: 0835605507

ISBN-13: 9780835605502

Satori is a level alongside the best way, a gateless gate that has to be entered at the route to enlightenment. With profound concept and consummate compassion, the founding father of the Buddhist Society in London invitations severe scholars of non secular evolution to exploit Western innovations to accomplish satori, the event of solidarity and divinity in all facets of being. Humphreys refocuses the knowledge of Zen for the Western reader and illuminates the hard route to enlightenment.

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Hat. As Life is one, so is consciousness, which is equally indivisible and invisible. he heart of Enlightenment. But if T H A T breaIhed out, as here described, while remaining THAT, Ihen all about us, all Samsara is truly maya, Ihe great Illusion. All things are real to each oIher yet, as Hui-Neng proclaimed, 'From Ihe first not a Ihing is'. his to Ihe everlasting argument on self, which I submit to be quite unnecessary, Ihe Theravada school is right in proclaiming Ihe doctrine of Anatta, no-self, in Ihe sense of no separate self or essence in any single Ihing; and Ihe Mahayana school is equally right, in proclaimin g that if 'Self' be the life of T H A T Ihere is noIhing else !

In other words, it is seeing the absolute ego as reflected in the relative ego and acting through it'. When the self has subsided the Buddha-Mind can flow through all its vehicles from high to low, in pure alignment of the uansmission of energy, the perfect machine, in modern terms, for the expression of force. But, one final word, the awareness achieved by this Zen seeing is not our awareness. In the now famous phrase of the late Father Merton in his Mystics and Zen Masters, 'Zen insight is not our awareness, but Being's awareness of itself in us'.

In equanimity, even­ mindedness, we refuse to be pulled or pushed to extreme opinion, like or dislike, point of view. We can begin to raise consciousness to see the pairs, not merely in metaphysical theory but in daily life, as equally forms of the one indivisible Life-force of the Absolute Unborn in manifestation. We are thus approaching the moment when we shall see them before the bifurcation, the forking into dualiry, took place. If we can See the two sides of the penny we are less concerned whether the side be heads or tails.

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