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« Ce livre présente les approches nouvelles de l. a. génétique médicale, dont différents facets font souvent l’actualité. J’ai choisi d’évoquer les thèmes majeurs et très actuels de cette nouvelle “médecine génomique” à partir des recherches sur les déterminants génétiques de cette grave affection qu’est l’autisme.

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Exome and targeted approaches may increase the ability to detect heterogeneity (for example, somatic mutations in a subset of tumor cells) in a sample (see Chapter 4). Although the targeted approaches may be more resource-​and time-​efficient and permit increased depth and accuracy compared with whole genome sequencing, these advantages must be weighed against the lesser amount of sequence information obtained. Also, targeted approaches are limited in their ability to detect structural variants.

It is very possible that many of us have Cancer Treatment 43 developed precancerous cells throughout our lives, but that our immune systems eliminated them before they ever became cancer, and, therefore, we never even knew we had them in the first place. One trick cancer cells use to evade the immune system is to erect a “shield” around themselves that essentially stops the immune system from launching its attack on them. ” One key signal is the PD-​L1 protein. PD-​L1 sits on the surface of the cancer cells and tells the immune cells not to attack.

As of July 2014, approximately 7,300 Mendelian diseases have been described. For 3,963 of these, the gene that is mutated and likely responsible for the disease is known (examples are shown in Table 3). It is probable that many more Mendelian diseases will be “solved” as genomic analysis becomes more 50 Genomics and Personalized Medicine integrated into clinical practice. For many genes, different genetic variants can have distinct effects on the encoded protein, leading to distinct disease characteristics.

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