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By Giancarlo Genta

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Sometime within the not-too-distant destiny ... unbeknownst to Earth, the Galaxy is domestic to a couple of spacefaring societies. This confederation enforces a strict protocol forbidding any touch with civilizations that experience now not but accomplished either a considerable spacefaring potential and adequate adulthood to manage the know-how explosion sooner than triggering their very own extinction.

While this coverage is meant to simply herald peaceable new contributors, concerns swap fullyyt while the confederation is threatened by way of a few unknown entity - is the risk actual or imagined? The confederation makes a decision to damage with the foundations and sends a delegate to Earth to rent one of many supposedly belligerent Earthlings to enquire and to restore the confederation’s long-unused starfleet. The Earthman has the same opinion, yet calls for a excessive rate: may still he prevail, the confederation should settle for Earth as a brand new member. because the hazard turns into ever extra acute, the query quickly turns into which venture will turn out tougher - saving the confederation or convincing it to simply accept the deal!

The vast appendix, written in non-technical language, experiences the clinical and technological subject matters underlying the plot - starting from the Fermi paradox, house commute and artificial/collective intelligence to theories on attainable common convergences in technological and organic development.

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On the third day they re-entered three-dimensional space in the Lakatl system and this maneuver was as little eventful as their entry to hyperspace had been. No warship was detected; just a pair of freighters on their way between 40 A Man from Planet Earth Lakatl and two mining bases on small asteroids, and a large cargo ship leaving the system for an unknown destination. They entered hyperspace again near Satq, another system without any significant features. At re-entry into three-dimensional space the sensors detected a star cruiser at about twenty-eight milliparsecs and the two ships exchanged identification signals, but Sinqwahan ordered that no specific message regarding their destination, nor the presence of passengers should be broadcast.

Time soon passed. He realized that his progress was incredibly fast and for the first time he conceded that playing the role of two Aswaqats was not so absurd, after all. After more than four hours of work with the mental projector, Sinqwahan appeared and suggested taking a break. “Let’s go to the sick bay, so that you can have a quick check up and proceed with the anti-degenerative treatment. ” They did that, then went back to the bridge where the screens were full of stars, one of which was brighter than the others.

We must not get close to any Starfleet bases; our mission is covert. Set course for Lakatl. And first of all we must get rid of that shuttle. ” From Sinqwahan’s voice it was clear that he wouldn’t allow any objections. “I would remind you that I am in command of this ship, and that you are not qualified to give orders,” the captain stated coldly. Then, facing the screen, she gave her orders: “Twenty-six, course for Lakatl. Establish contact with Shuttle Two: Mr. ” One of the screens showed the shuttle moving away, and Tom realized how absurd the presence of that helicopter was there, in the outermost reaches of the Solar System.

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