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Within the small Fly Room at Columbia college, T.H. Morgan and his scholars, A.H. Sturtevant, C.B. Bridges, and H.J. Muller, conducted the paintings that laid the rules of contemporary, chromosomal genetics. the buzz of these instances, while the complete box of genetics used to be being created, is captured during this publication, written in 1965 by way of a type of current at the start. His account is without doubt one of the few authoritative, analytic works at the early heritage of genetics. This beautiful reprint is observed by means of an internet site, delivering full-text types of the most important papers mentioned within the ebook, together with the world's first genetic map.

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38 A H I ST O RY OF G EN ET IC S paper contains a discussion and criticism of the 1902 accounts by Cannon and by Guyer, referred to previously. With this paper, this phase of the history is finished. The conclusions were not at once generally accepted, but they could not be disregarded and stand today as essentially correct. At last, cytology and genetics were brought into intimate relation, and results in each field began to have strong effects on the other. C HAPTER 6 –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– L INKAGE With the work of Sutton, the relation of the chromosomes to segregation and to independent assortment became clear.

During these few years Flemming and Strasburger recognized chromosomes. Van Beneden showed that the daughter halves of the mitotic chromosomes pass to opposite poles at mitosis; that, in Ascaris, the fertilized egg receives an equal number of chromosomes from each parent; and that the meiotic divisions result in halving the number present in the fertilized egg. Here, then, was the first demonstration of the double na* Both Mendel and Correns also suffered from eye trouble brought on by excessive work with strong light.

His early work was on local floras, the microorganisms in water supplies, and the turgor of plant cells. In the latter field, he carried out a beautiful series of quantitative studies of the effects of the concentrations of various salts on plasmolysis. These results were of importance in the development (by Arrhenius and van’t Hoff) of the ionic theory of the osmotic properties of solutions of electrolytes. His Intracellular Pangenesis (1889) has been described in Chapter 3; his work on mutation will be discussed in Chapters 10 and 11.

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